Quality Assurance & Lifetime Guarantee
Quality Assurance All products manufactured by Santerra Stonecraft are subject to high standards of quality set forth in its program for quality assurance. Santerra Stonecraft provides a Lifetime Guarantee on any of its manufactured concrete products experiencing problems with structural integrity and strength when used in residential applications. Installation procedures must be according to the design and installation methodology prescribed by the ICPI for the guarantee to be in effect. Issues due to efflorescence and colour variance are not structural deficiencies and therefore will not warrant coverage by this guarantee. Transportation and additional labour costs that may be incurred will not be acknowledged.

All Santerra Stonecraft interlocking paving stones are factory manufactured to exceed CSA A231.2-95 and ASTM 936, the standard specification for interlocking paving stones. All Santerra Stonecraft segmental retaining wall units are factory manufactured to exceed ASTM 1372, the standard specification for segmental retaining wall units.

Our architectural and standard block products are available in the entire colour pallette in imperial (4”, 6”, 8”, 10” and 12”) and metric modular sizes (10cm, 15cm, 20cm, 25cm, and 30cm). To complete your design, we provide fittings to match each profile, in all colours and sizes. All products conform to CSA A165.1 and ASTM C90.