All Santerra Stonecraft products are subject to the highest standards of quality review. All Santerra Stonecraft products meet or exceed the current standards set forth by the CSA (Canadian Standards Association) and ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials).

Santerra Stonecraft offers a lifetime warranty on the structural integrity of their concrete masonry and landscape products as long as all conditions stated below are complied with. This warranty applies to normal non abusive applications.

The warranty does not cover any damages dues to natural causes, acts of God or other damage to the concrete products caused from deliberate acts or negligence by the customer, owner of the building, contractor, subcontractor, or any third party.

The warranty does not cover any damages or deterioration due to the use of salts, de-icing products, cleaning products containing acid, or chemical solutions. The warranty does not cover any physical or abusive damage from the use of power equipment for maintenance.
The warranty does not cover any damages or deterioration due to the use of high-pressure washer or sandblasters.

The warranty does not apply to spalling or breakage caused by impacts, abrasion or over stressing. To reduce the chances of spalling or breakage the installation of control joints is strongly encouraged. Control joints are vertical separations built in the veneer and located where stress concentrations are likely to cause cracks. The joints allow unrestrained longitudinal movement, thereby relieving horizontal tensile stress that may develop due to shrinkage. A control joint should be located, but not limited to, 1-1/2 times the height of the masonry panel or wall, to a maximum control joint spacing of 20ft (6.1m).

Issues due to efflorescence and colour variance are not structural deficiencies and therefore will not be covered under this warranty.
To process a warranty claim you must present valid proof of purchase (receipt, invoice, or delivery slip). Once the product is deemed defective by Santerra Stonecraft, Santerra Stonecraft will supply new product in replacement of the defective product. All installation and labour expenses will be the customer’s responsibility.

Disclaimer: The colour swatches and product photographs in this catalogue are as accurate as the cameras and printing technology are capable of. All Santerra Stonecraft products are manufactured with natural raw materials, including sand, stone and cement that may change over time. Colour and texture variations are possible. We strongly recommend that your final product selections are based on a current product sample rather than existing projects or photographs. Santerra Stonecraft uses the same name colour across different products to assist in the customer selection process, however, this does not guarantee definite colour matching.


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